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The Full Count - Bob Lewis

A new book tries to shed a little light on the dynamic between governments and the press. Power, Prime Ministers, and The Press charts the sometimes fractious, sometimes symbiotic history of the prime ministers and the Parliamentary press corps. The author is my old friend and colleague Bob Lewis and he joins me on The Full Count.

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Jody and BD - September 23, 2018

Welcome to Jody and BD, a podcast by veteran broadcasters Jody Vance and Bruce Dowbiggin. She’s a cat from the coast. His head is in the mountains. She’s a liberal. He’s a conservative. She likes baseball. He’s into golf. What can they possibly agree on? On this episode, they discuss Justin Trudeau, Jian Gomeshi, and the Emmy’s.

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The Full Count - Warren Farrell, Part II

Warren Farrell was such an enlightening guest on his first visit to the Full Count, we had to bring him back. Farrell is an American educator, activist and author Warren Farrell. His latest book, The Boy Crisis, cowritten with John Gray, is an eye-opening examination of what has happened to males in the era of ascendant feminism.

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The Full Count - Steve Paikin

The Ontario provincial election is coming down to its final days with voters set to go to the polls on June 7. No one knows Ontario politics better than Steve Paikin, the longtime host of The Agenda, on TV Ontario. He joins us on the Full Count to talk about how we got here and where it’s going in the most populous and powerful province in the country.

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The Full Count - Brett Wilson

The never-ending saga of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline has reached a
crucial point. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government and the Alberta legislature have both made significant moves in the effort to push the project through against the B.C. NDP/Green coalition government. To gain some perspective on all this, The Full Count welcomes back Brett Wilson, Canadian investment banker, businessman, investor, and philanthropist.

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The Full Count - Warren Farrell

Activist and author Warren Farrell says, “Whenever only one sex wins, both sexes lose.” Farrell has been stressing the challenges to men and boys for decades. His latest book, The Boy Crisis, cowritten with John Gray, is an eye-opening examination of what has happened to males in the era of ascendant feminism. Farrell joins Bruce this week on The Full Count. 

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The Full Count - Heather MacDonald

Heather MacDonald has been called a fascist, a white supremacist, a warhawk, a transphobe, a queerphobe, and a classist. Except, it’s also been said of her that, “If you believe that the criminal justice system is racially biased, you need to know (her). She’ll mess with your mind and make you either up your politico-cultural game or admit you were wrong.” This week on The Full Count, author and social critic Heather MacDonald returns to the show.

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The Full Count - Jesse Hirsch

As we speak Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is watching his net value sink by billions of dollars. Companies such as Cambridge Analytics, a British company, have been used by political parties on both sides of the aisle to target their voters. That’s why we have invited our friend Jess Hirsh back to the Full Count. When we don’t understand the world of data, tech and social media we call on Jesse, who lectures and writes on these subjects.

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Not The Public Podcast — Jackson Doughart

On Not The Public Podcast we’re joined by Jackson Doughart, editor of The Prince Arthur Herald, and ask him Is Conservatism dead? Both the Liberals and Conservatives have just wrapped up their first national conventions since the election of Justin Trudeau as prime minister. How is he doing since deposing Steven Harper? What is the state of conservatism since their fall to there Liberals?

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