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The Full Count - Warren Farrell

Activist and author Warren Farrell says, “Whenever only one sex wins, both sexes lose.” Farrell has been stressing the challenges to men and boys for decades. His latest book, The Boy Crisis, cowritten with John Gray, is an eye-opening examination of what has happened to males in the era of ascendant feminism. Farrell joins Bruce this week on The Full Count. 

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The Full Count - Peter Menzies

This week on The Full Count, Bruce is joined by Peter Menzies, one of his old bosses at the Calgary Herald (and whatever the parent company is called this week). He has been a reporter, editor and publisher in his career. Recently he left the CRTC after sitting on its board for X years. He’s currently the director of the RoyalSaskatchewan Museum.

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The Full Count - Jaideep Bains

Stress is an everyday fact of modern life. The pace of life today leaves everyone a little
frazzled. We are told that stress is also a contributor to a number of illnesses— which
helps raise our stress levels even more. Jaideep Bains of the Cumming School of Medicine
at University of Calgary joins Bruce on this episode to talk stress and how we can
better understand to control out own levels of it.

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