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Jody and BD - September 23, 2018

Welcome to Jody and BD, a podcast by veteran broadcasters Jody Vance and Bruce Dowbiggin. She’s a cat from the coast. His head is in the mountains. She’s a liberal. He’s a conservative. She likes baseball. He’s into golf. What can they possibly agree on? On this episode, they discuss Justin Trudeau, Jian Gomeshi, and the Emmy’s.

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Sound & Groove: "Mother Of Violence" Part 2

This is the 4th official podcast episode of 2018 here on the Sound & Groove Podcast. It's a bit overdue but no need to worry, as I've pledged another 2 episodes yet to come throughout this calendar year. This is the 2nd in a 2-part theme on songs about the darker side of our nature, ie violence. So get ready for songs of murder, deceit, disgrace, riot, mayhem and general anarchy muhahaha. Oh, but also a treasure trove of delicious music to sink your teeth into.

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