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The Full Count - Jesse Hirsch

As we speak Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is watching his net value sink by
billions of dollars. That’s because the political world has decided what was fine for
Barack Obama is nigh on criminal for Donald Trump. And what is the problem?
It appears that Facebook has allowed the personal data it obtains when subscribers join
to be mined by a number of political interests. Companies such as Cambridge Analytica,
a British company, have been used by parties on both sides of the aisle to target their
voters. Some credit their work to helping Trump win the presidency. Others are not as

In Canada, it’s being claimed that the Liberals also have used this data.
Okay, that’s as sophisticated as I get on the subject. That’s why we have invited our
friend Jesse Hirsh back to the Full Count. When we don’t understand the world of data,
tech and social media we call on Jesse, who lectures and writes on these subjects t
luddites like me.

He joins us this episode to help us unpack the Facebook story.