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The Full Count - Bob Lewis

A new book tries to shed a little light on the dynamic between governments and the press. Power, Prime Ministers, and The Press charts the sometimes fractious, sometimes symbiotic history of the prime ministers and the Parliamentary press corps. The author is my old friend and colleague Bob Lewis and he joins me on The Full Count.

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The Full Count - Steve Paikin

The Ontario provincial election is coming down to its final days with voters set to go to the polls on June 7. No one knows Ontario politics better than Steve Paikin, the longtime host of The Agenda, on TV Ontario. He joins us on the Full Count to talk about how we got here and where it’s going in the most populous and powerful province in the country.

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Not The Public Podcast — Adnan Virk

In the first NPP of 2016, the Dowbboy welcomes a fine Canadian export: ESPN's Adnan Virk. Born and raised outside of Kingston, Ontario, Virk is recognized as one of the top personalities at themedia giant. He touches on his childhood cheering for the Philly Flyers, how he got his start and what led him to Bristol, Connecticut-based ESPN.