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The Full Count - Barbara Kay

Whatever you think of its methods, the #metoo campaign has had an enormous impact.
The issue of sexual assault, sexual harassment and public disgrace has made
headlines in the past months. From Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein to senator Al
Franken to Ontario conservative leader Patrick Brown, the high and mighty have fallen
like ten pins.

While nearly everyone agrees with the overarching principle, many are growing
concerned with the methods used to achieve these ends. Anonymous complaints,
allegations that date from 20- 30 years ago, an unseemly rush to judgement have all
been features of this campaign.

National Post columnist Barbara Kay says it’s time to pause for a breath. In her column
she writes: "Workplace sex is the only sport in town where any adult is eligible to play,
but there are no protocols, no referees, the goalposts keep moving, and fouls are made
up on the spot (or years later) by disgruntled players with no numbers on their jerseys.
Penalties and suspensions are imposed by angry spectators, but only on the players of
one team.”