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Sound & Groove: "Mother Of Violence" Part 2

This is the 4th official podcast episode of 2018 here on the Sound & Groove Podcast. It's a bit overdue but no need to worry, as I've pledged another 2 episodes yet to come throughout this calendar year. This is the 2nd in a 2-part theme on songs about the darker side of our nature, ie violence. So get ready for songs of murder, deceit, disgrace, riot, mayhem and general anarchy muhahaha. Oh, but also a treasure trove of delicious music to sink your teeth into.

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Sound and Groove - "Delivered By The Mail"

This here is the 6th episode of 2016 for the Sound & Groove Podcast but of course it's way overdue. Finally back from sabbatical, S&G is finally bestowing that final one from a year ago on you. This particular edition is a stand-alone theme just for this episode and it's songs that centre on the postal service side of things, i.e. sending off a letter, delivering a message, shipping a package. You catch my drift? 

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Sound and Groove - Elvis Costello: Left Out of the Essentials, Part II

The debate raged on about whether Elvis Costello was punk or simply just pub rock or even power pop. But Costello embarked on a career where he tackled just about every genre under the sun and proved himself an intelligent, subversive singer-songwriter along the way.

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Sound and Groove - Al Green: Left Out of the Essentials

By 1973, there was no bigger soul star than Al Green. Just when the Memphis-based soul scene looked played out and all but spent as a commercial force as the 70's dawned, green emerged from a little known record label called hi records to revive the sound. With Willie Mitchell as a writing and production guide, a string of smash hit singles and LP's resulted over the next 7 years- though the hot streak wavered by the end with the advent of disco.

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Sound and Groove — David Bowie Memorial, Part One: Bowie's Influences

David Bowie passed away from an 18-month battle with cancer on January 10, 2016 — two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his newest studio album, Blackstar. He kept his illness a closely-guarded secret so his death was met with shock, especially since he'd just released his new project with a music video to go with it. As it turned out, his dying days artistically were carefully planned out and when studied in the illumination of his passing, discovered to be a statement/commentary on his own mortality. Once a pioneering multi-media genius, always a pioneering multi-media genius. Here on the S&G Podcast, in this two-parted theme we explore the music that influenced Bowie at times of his career in part 1. 

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