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Sound and Groove - Elvis Costello: Left Out of the Essentials, Part II

1978 saw Elvis Costello release his sophomore effort but this time with his road band, the Attractions, credited along with him. The result was a pile-driving, snarling, edgy, yet melodic and well-crafted album entitled This Year's Model. It produced a few hit singles but more importantly sprung the unlikely looking rock star to a new level of critical and commercial fame- one that had a few bumps along the way before he found a more settled, mellow period of his career in the mid-80s. The debate raged on about whether he was punk or simply just pub rock or even power pop but Elvis embarked on a career where he tackled just about every genre under the sun and proved himself an intelligent, subversive singer-songwriter along the way that wasn't defined by his earlier, guitar-driven compositions.

Track Listing:

Intro- "I'm Your Man" by Leonard Cohen (1988)

1. Mellow- Elton John (1972)
2. It's A New Day, Parts 1 & 2- James Brown (1970)
3. Let It Grow- Eric Clapton (1974)
4. Hand In Hand- Elvis Costello & The Attractions (1978)
5. Jah Is Mighty- Bob Marley & The Wailers (1970)
6. The Folk Singer- Johnny Cash (1968)
7. Fireflies- Fleetwood Mac (1980)
8. Share Your Love With Me- The Band (1973)

Outro- "Famous Blue Raincoat" by Leonard Cohen (1971)