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Sound and Groove - It'll Be Forever Royal, Part I

Whether it be kings, queens, dukes, duchesses, kingdoms/empires - if it's feudal, absolutist and/or medieval, it fits the criteria. Could just be the allusion or metaphor the song is built upon or the actual subject matter of the lyrics. This is the first of two episodes that collect some of my favourites from a variety of artists. Yep, it was only a matter of time before I got onto the monarchy what with all this hoopla over the death of the great Prince.

Track Listing:

Intro- "Controversy" by Prince (1981)

1. Cooksferry Queen — Richard Thompson (1999)
2. King Of The New York Streets — Dion (1989)
3. Eleventh Earl Of Mar — Genesis (1977)
4. Big Chief Got A Golden Crown —The Wild Tchopitoulas (1976)
5. Two Princes — Spin Doctors (1992)
6. Marquesa De Sade — David Johansen (1981)
7. Cardboard Empire — The Guess Who (1973) 
8. Kingdom Come — Tom Verlaine (1979) 

Outro- "Head" by Prince (1980)