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On Da Mic with Mace and RIce — Episode 7

After a week off, Mace and Rice return. They talk about the Blue Jays losing out on David Price, Mark Richt going to The U, Johnny Manziel screwing up again and the Black Mamba calls it a career.

*Note: Rhys had a rough day. The owner of the Red Sox is John W. Henry, not John Wood, and he owns Liverpool in the Barclays Premier League, not Arsenal.*

On Da Mic with Mace and Rice — Episode 4

Having survived three episodes, Mace and Rice return for episode 4. They talk the Royals World Series win (and trash talking the Jays), the Raptors being in first place (and Kobe playing old), Spike Lee's new movie trailer for Chi-Raq, and Karim Benzema maybe, possibly, probably blackmailing a teammate..

*Note: this podcast contains salty language*

Not The Public Podcast — November 4, 2015

With Bruce in Florida golfing, Rhys and Evan take up the mantle. They discuss the ouster of Alex Anthopoulos from the Blue Jays, the World Series, Cam Newton for MVP, and the NFL trade deadline newswire.

*NOTE: due to a shoddy internet connection, the audio is uneven. Thank you for your understanding.*