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The Full Count - Laurence Gilman

It may be the most remarkable season ever in North American pro team sports. The Las Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL are into the Western Conference Finals. One of the people responsible for helping draft the NHL’s expansion-draft philosophy is Laurence Gilman. Laurence has been in the management of the Winnipeg Jets, the Phoenix Coyotes and the Vancouver Canucks. He’s now working on the dark side, doing radio in Vancouver.

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Not The Public Podcast - Episode 24

The Dowbboy and Rhys return to war it out. One week, two drafts. The NFL Draft was #mustwatch material as usual, but was the NHL Draft Lottery #mustwatch material, as well? Not so much. Lastly, the boys wonder whether the Raptors have what it takes to win championships.

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Not The Public Podcast — Episode 21

It isn't often you get a triple threat on your podcast, but this week we have a fellow who can sing, dance, and act...or at least he can manage a hockey team, analyze talent, and talk in front of a TV camera. Bruce is joined this week by former Calgary Flames GM and current TSN analyst, Craig Button.

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Not The Public Podcast — Laurence Gilman

This week on the podcast, the Dowbboy gets a crash course in salary capping. He is joined by front office cap specialist, Laurence Gilman, formerly of the Vancouver Canucks, Phoenix Coyotes and Winnipeg Jets. Laurence describes his early days in the game, meeting Wayne Gretzky for the first time, and how telling someone in Vancouver you're fresh off the boat from Phoenix turns you into a celebrity.

On Da Mic with Mace and Rice — Episode 11

The NFL playoffs continue to roll along and remind us why we love the game. First, Mace and Rice take opposite sides of the 'bad coaching decisions' debate. Second, the NBA's Golden State-Cleveland rematch turns out to smell less like champagne and more like...stale champagne. Third, they talk about Eddie Lacy's belly. And last, John Scott takes his rightful place in the NHL All Star Game.