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Do Androids Dream Of Moving Pictures? - The Academy Awards

It's Oscar time! With the golden statues being dished out this weekend, Rhys called in a few favors to get two very informed, knowledgeable guests to make him sound good when talking everything Oscars. He is joined by filmmaker Thomas Robert Lee, the filmmaker behind Empyrean, and Allan Stringer of @guygonger film reviews. They discuss all the big categorizes and throw in a few hot takes for good measure.

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On Da Mic with Mace and Rice — Episode 5

This week, Mace and Rice talk about Dez Bryant's latest blowup, ESPN running ads for the NFL whistle blower movie, 'Concussion', and 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey defending her title this weekend.

*Correction: Rhys refers to 49ers player Anthony Smith retiring — the player is Anthony Davis.*

*Note: this episode contains salty language.*

On Da Mic with Mace and Rice — Episode 4

Having survived three episodes, Mace and Rice return for episode 4. They talk the Royals World Series win (and trash talking the Jays), the Raptors being in first place (and Kobe playing old), Spike Lee's new movie trailer for Chi-Raq, and Karim Benzema maybe, possibly, probably blackmailing a teammate..

*Note: this podcast contains salty language*