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The Full Count - Jaideep Bains

Stress is an everyday fact of modern life. The pace of life today leaves everyone a little
frazzled. We are told that stress is also a contributor to a number of illnesses— which
helps raise our stress levels even more.

For some time we’ve also known that stress can spread from one individual to another,
even though the second individual did not experience the stress. Researchers have now
discovered is that there is actually a change in the brain. This could explain a lot about
human behavior. We often feel stressed after comforting a loved one who experienced
stress – it’s possible our brains have imprinted the experience as if it happened to us.

The results of this research are published in Nature Neuroscience.

One of the authors of the research is Jaideep Bains of the Cumming School of Medicine
at University of Calgary. He joins us on this episode to talk stress and how we can
better understand to control out own levels of it. Welcome.

First things first. What is stress? We know the popular understanding a bit but describe
the chemical equations that occur in the body? Do animals feel stress in different ways
from humans?


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