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On Da Mic with Mace and Rice — Episode 11

The NFL playoffs continue to roll along and remind us why we love the game. First, Mace and Rice take opposite sides of the 'bad coaching decisions' debate. Second, the NBA's Golden State-Cleveland rematch turns out to smell less like champagne and more like...stale champagne. Third, they talk about Eddie Lacy's belly. And last, John Scott takes his rightful place in the NHL All Star Game.

On Da Mic with Mace and Rice — Episode 5

This week, Mace and Rice talk about Dez Bryant's latest blowup, ESPN running ads for the NFL whistle blower movie, 'Concussion', and 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey defending her title this weekend.

*Correction: Rhys refers to 49ers player Anthony Smith retiring — the player is Anthony Davis.*

*Note: this episode contains salty language.*