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The Hurt Take - Episode XXXVI

There's never enough MMA news to talk about! The week in MMA was loaded, from news about Conor McGregor and GSP to title fight announcements at UFC Middleweight and Heavyweight. Bellator had a title fight (that no one saw) while the UFC had a nice little Fight Night card (with some excellent highlights). The cherry on top was a boxing fight for the hardcore fans out there with Vasyl Lomanchenko taking on Guillermo Rigondeaux. But what got Rhys really going? His awe of the lighter weight classes.

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The Hurt Take - Episode XVII

Hey, #maybeyouheard the UFC was just in Japan! Oh, you didn't hear? That's probably because the card was 'Taikutsuna'! In other news, Cyborg once again is caught up in some negative headlines about her pee, Bellator's hype kid gets his hype train back on the hype rails, and Benson Henderson can't understand why fighting a decision-friendly style is biting him in the ass. Lastly, what the recent spate of big boxing fights means for MMA and the ole sport of fisticuffs.

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