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Not The Public Podcast — Howard Bernstein

Whether it’s reporters complaining about how they were “handled” by presidential candidates’ staff or the tone of remarks from people in the news, it’s become the ra of the reporter-as-story in today’s media. In the traditional model, the naming of a story was like the making of law and sausage — not something that was talked about. How have journalists changed their attitude to their job? Is it about being bigger than the story? Are reporters being drawn from too small a demographic? This week’s Not The Public Podcast features Howard Bernstein, a veteran journalist who ran TV newsrooms in Toronto for CBC, CTV and Global— in addition to having his own production company. He’s also the person responsible (to blame?) for my TV career as he hired the Dowbboy to be the CBC Toronto sportscaster in 1984. This week we talk about how the media is consuming itself.